marta mały plik


        I am interested in emotional memory – a besides verbal, intuitive experience, which dwell in each of us under the layers of described catalogued experiences and exposes itself unexpectedly, sometimes against the will, sometimes thanks to effort and attempt of getting to the core of our own identity.

        Painting or creating in any technique presents for me the exploiting the oblivious content, in an everlasting process, everlasting negation of the self and exposing to new solutions.

bio/curriculum vitae

        In 2014 I defended my master thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw. For my diploma I received the Rector’s Award and Ewa Tomaszewska’s Award. The addendum to my diploma I realized at the Intercollegiate Multimedia Specialization, which is held in cooperation between the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw and The Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

        Earlier, in 2008, I finished cultural studies at the Warsaw University.

       I do oil paintings and drawing, as well as actions on the border of various arts: visuals accompanying music and visuals-sounds installations. I am interested in interaction between different fields of arts.

       I took part in many painting and drawing ehxibitions and in projects which combine music and picture (Flash Mob Orchestra and Streams). I created as well sound installations (Closer during the Museums at Night in Warsaw in 2013 and Landscapeas an eye. Interactive poem during Mironalia in 2014). In 2016 I took part in Dada Festival in Berlin and in Warsaw and in Narracje Festival in Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk. In 2016 I received also Arts Bursary Prize of the City of Warsaw.

individual exhibitions:
  • The poins of references, Academia Theatre, Warsaw. 2016
  • Alphabet, The Old Powder-Magazine Gallery, Warsaw 2016
  • (Re)created, 81 Degree Gallery, Warsaw, 2015
  • Beyond the frame, The Faculty of Painting, The Academy of Fine  Arts in Warsaw, 2014
  • Construction in progress, Kotlownia Gallery, Garwolin, 2012
group exhibitions:
  • Narracje Festival, Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk (in cooperation with Gdańska Galeria Miejska), 2016
  • 291. Dynamics of chaos, Academia Theatre, Warsaw, 2016
  • Open space, Kooperativ K, Hagen, 2016
  • 19 Artists in the 19. District, 2nd edition, 19.District, Warsaw 
  • Dumbo Arts Festival' 2014 in New York
  • Landscape as an eye. Interactive poem – interactive installation at the Ta3 Galery in Warsaw
  • 19 Artists in the 19. District, 19. District, Warsaw 
  • Flash Mob Orchestra, Warsaw (performance/music/dance/multimedia, preparation of themultimedia/visuals)
  • Bright Spring, Warsaw Trade Tower, Warsaw 
  • Tenement House Black on White, Kamienica Artystyczna Ta3, Warsaw
  • 18+ , installation (multimedia) Closer during Museums at Night 2013, Kamienica Artystyczna Ta 3 
  • The exhibition of drawings and paintings accompanying 2. Jazz Meetings in Zelkow 
  • Where is your brother? Museums at Night 2012, the basement of The Holy Trinity Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, Warsaw 
  • Drawings, Kotlownia Gallery, Garwolin
  • Silence, Wystawa Gallery, Warsaw
  • Structures, Galeria Mlodych Tworcow (Gallery of Young Artists) Lazienkowska, Warsaw
  • Master and students, EL Gallery, Międzyrzec Podlaski 
  • In via, Museums at Night 2011, the basement of The Holy Trinity Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, Warsaw (c