Machine for Wind from the cycle Machines for Vanishing, site specific, in front of The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2021


Machine for WInd from the cycle Machines for Vanishing, site specific, Piaskarnia Bielany, Warsaw, 2021


Out of (b)order, Bema 2, Wrocław, 2019


Gesture for gesture, Middesex University w Londynie, 2019


Piano in the river, Millhoff Center i Grabenstrasse 28, Hagen


And it always happening the last time…, audiovisual collage, Piano in the river Festival, Hagen, 2018


Narratives Festival 2016, Gdańsk, Biskupia Górka


An observer and a chaos, Academia Theater, Warsaw


Alphabet, The Old Powder Magazine Gallery, Warsaw


Open Space, Kooperativ K, Hagen


Restored, 81 Degrees Gallery, Warsaw (individual exhibition)


19 Artists in the 19. District,edition 2, 19. District, Warsaw 

Diploma exhibition at the Faculty of Painting at the Fine Art Academy in Warsaw (individual exhibition – paintings and sound)


Landscape as an eye. Interactive poem – interactive installation at the Ta3 Galery in Warsaw


19 Artists in the 19. District, 19. District, Warsaw



Tenement House Black on White, Kamienica Artystyczna Ta3, Warsaw (collective exhibition drawings)


18+ installation (multimedia) Closer during Museums at Night 2013, Kamienica Artystyczna Ta 3 (collective exhibition-multimedia/sound/sculpture)



Construction in progress, Kotlownia Gallery in Garwolin (individual exhibition – paintings)