Out of (b)order

Out of (b)order


Out of (b)order means out of bounds and out of order. Most often , what is most interesting is invisible at the first superficial glance.
If we look at the City from the perspective of the ” active negative ” (a concept created by the Polish , utopian architect Oskar Hansen) we will get organic forms instead of geometrical solids . Organic forms resulting from the deformation of architecture by the movement and emotions of its users.
The cycle consists of large format paintings , a sound collage, a film collage and a drawing adapted each time to the context of the exhibition space. Collages (film and sound ) reveal the process of constructing images.
In the sound collage, personal statements about the City overlap in layers , contrasting with the ambient of urban spaces. The film collage combines objective film recordings resembling surveillance footage ) with animations in which the space is deformed by color, gesture, emotions, textures and the interpenetration of layers.