About ME

I am the visual artist based in Warsaw

I deal with painting, drawing, animation, as well as activities on the border of different fields of art: visual and sound installations, social projects, projects in public space. The latest works from the „Machines for Vanishing” Cycle explore the border between man and his imagination, as well as the relationship between man and nature.

In 2014 I graduated at the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The annex to the diploma I compeed at the Intercollegiate Multimedia Specialty at the Warsaw University of Music. In 2008 I graduated from cultural studies at the University of Warsaw.

In 2016 I received an artistic scholarship of the City of Warsaw, in 2017 a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in 2018 and 2021 a scholarship from ZAiKS. In 2019, I defended my doctoral thesis under the supervision of prof. Paweł Jarodzki at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 2020 and 2021, I was on the residency at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.

I am the author or co-author (in the case of collective actions) of many exhibitions in Poland and abroad (including „Open space” and „Piano in the river in Hagen”, „Narracje Festival” in cooperation with the Gdańsk City Gallery, „291. Dynamics of Chaos” in Warsaw and Berlin, „Machine for the Wind” from the cycle „Machines for Vanishing – site specific in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Piaskarnia Bielany, Platforms Project in Athens, Independent Supermarket Stockholm Art Fair).

From 2019 I’ve cocreated Lele Art Space Gallery in Warsaw.

Selected Exhibitions:

Individual exhibitions:

  • Common Loop, Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ustka, 2024 (upcoming)
  • AITOPU, Entropia Gallery, Wrocław. 2024 (upcoming)
  • Machine for Wind from the cycle Machines for Vanishing, site-specific on the area of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Piaskarnia Bielany, Warsaw, 2021
  • Out of (b)order, Bema 2, site-specific, Wrocław, 2019
  • Parallel Arrangement, Stara Prochownia Gallery, Warsaw, 2019
  • Seiing, Nowolipki Gallery, Warsaw, 2018
  • References Points, Academia Theater, Warsaw, 2016
  • The Aphabet, Stara Prochownia Gallery, Warsaw, 2016
  • Open Space, Kooperative K, Hagen, 2015
  • (Re)created, 81 Degree Gallery, Warsaw, 2015
  • Beyond the frame, Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, 2014
  • Construction in progress, Kotłownia Gallery, Garwolin, 2012

Main group exhibitions:

  • Visual Listening Set (with Free Bloop Group), Platforms Project, Athens, 2023 (upcoming)
  • Core snippets (with Lele Art Space), Platforms Project, Athens, 2022
  • Reverb, Supermarket Independent Art Fair (with Lele Art Space), Stockholm, 2022
  • IDKF, Württembergische Kunstverein, Stuttgart, 2021
  • International Painting Biennale, National Museum of Fine Arts, Chisenau, 2021
  • ARTsunami, Play Gallery, Zaandam, 2019
  • Gesture for gesture, Middesex University, Londyn, 2019
  • Piano in the river, Millhoff Center i Grabenstrasse 28, Hagen 2018
  • Organic feedback, Galerie Otto 2, Dusseldorf, 2018
  • Short story about everything, Pin up studio, Warsaw, 2018
  • Building bridges, Casino notabile, Rabat, Malta, 2017
  • Building bridges, Citadella cultural, Gozo, 2017
  • The Night of Residents, WL4, Gdańsk, 2017
  • Narracje Festival, Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk, 2016 (in cooperation with Gdańsk City Galler
  • 29. Dynamic of chaos, Academia Theater, Warsaw; K77 Studio, Berlin, 2016
  • XXS, Berlin Blue Art Space, Berlin, 2015


  • „Mobile in Culture” – Warsaw Scholarship, 2021
  • Scholarship and residency in Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, 2020/2021
  • ZAiKS Grant, 2018 and 2022
  • Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, 2017
  • Warsaw Artistic Scholarship, 2016


  • Laureate of the LandEscape Art Review Award, 2015
  • Laureate of Art Inn Foundation Award – „Rapainted”, 2015
  • Ewa Tomaszewska’s Award, 2014
  • Rector’s Award for the diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts, 2014


  • Art Camp Malta , Malta, 2017
  • Open Space, Kooperative K, Hagen, 2015
  • Intuitiva, New Art Conference, Lubiąż 2014