Machine for Wind

Machine for Wind

from the cycle Machines for Vanishing

car paint/steel, 2021

„Machine for Wind” refers to air flows in Warsaw . When cities were designed , green areas were left, forming the so called aeration corridors . There are 9 such corridors on the 1928 map of Warsaw . Currently , only the one along the Vistula River remains entairly unspoiled by the urban development. In 2018 The Bródno Corridor completely ceased to exist.
Disturbed airflow in Warsaw was my inspiration for the „Machine for Wind” composition , which opens and closes like a breath , depending on the strenght and direction of the wind.
The project „Machine for Wind” from the cycle Machines for Vanishing ” is carried out as a part of the „Mobile in Culture ” Program, run by the Other Space Foundation, organized and financed by the City of Warsaw