Beyond the frame

Beyond the frame


in cooperation with Rafał Smoliński and Janusz Smyk

Beyond the Frame, sound collage, sound composition: Marta Kawecka/Rafał Smoliński/Janusz Smyk

In  „Beyond the frame” cycle, I was interested in emotional, non-declarative memory – a non-verbal, intuitive experience that lies in each of us under the layers of described, cataloged experiences and reveals itself unexpectedly, sometimes against our will, sometimes thanks to effort and an attempt to reach the core of our own identity.​

The constructions of images and sound collage, like non-declarative memory, are layered. Spaces, matter and structures overlap or contradict each other. Sometimes one element of the image or sound, like a recurring obsession, cuts through the structure and changes the meaning of the whole.​

The images and the sound composition were created in parallel. Concepts such as timbre, density of texture, dynamics, tension/dissonance, rhythm, dominant are concepts common to both arts, which facilitated the work. I wrote down my sound ideas using drawings, which later served as scores for musicians. We divided the obtained sounds into four groups – drone sounds (single, low, repetitive, usually with a constant pitch), aggressive, rhythmic and neutral sounds, and we constructed the sound space in layers. Like collages that were sketches for paintings.​

Individual fragments of the sound composition are not assigned to specific images, which opens the space between images and sound, creates an undefined, variable space.​

Umberto Eco described the works created consciously, deliberately as open „works in motion” and sees them as a metaphor of the present. Discontinuity and indefiniteness are concepts also typical of modern scientific concepts, such as the theory of relativity or quantum mechanics.​