The Road

Narracje Festival, Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk

collage, animation in the context of space of Biskupia Górka

with Rafał Smoliński

The work was the part of „Narracje Festival” in Gdańsk. This is a festival, which takes place each year in a different district of Gdańsk. In 2016 it was in Biskupia Górka.
However Biskupia Górka is in the centre of Gdańsk, the district is neglected. This is due to its bad reputation. During the war Gdańsk was fired from Biskupia Górka. There was also Hitlerjugend school.

Our intention was to show the district from different non-historical perspective. To catch „here and now” we started to work with children from Biskupia Górka. They showed us their perspectives, their roads. To show children’s points of view we made animations and films with them. During the festival films were screened as a collage directly on the wall of the old terrace, where children often play.

There were a board with the inscription „Colony Future” on our road. In the context how the district looks like the inscription „Colony Future” sounds ironic for us, so we recorded a fragment of the film in this place.

We marked important places leaving there yellow cardboards with children’s works. The yellow was the colour chosen by children to represent them, so this gesture showed which places belong to them. We use yellow also in animation to connect different scenes.

According to the psychogeography the real owner of the Place is not the one who bught it, but the one who experiences it